Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stuffed Rabbit

Yeehaw!!! *so Farmville huh?* ... Without too much background story like previous posts, here is my stuffed rabbit.

What do you think? Is he cute? I believe it's a he :D
But wait!!! I am not sure it's a rabbit or a kangaroo? A dear friend and my hubby said it's a kangaroo....hihihihih

Friday, September 25, 2009

The First Brown Baby Angel

Yesss!!! Finally I finished my first brown baby angel...making an angel is always my dream ... hihihi anything related to waldorf doll makes me curious...and here it is the brown angel. Oh yeah, I got the tutorial to confirm myself how to make it from Nuno's site.

I am staying in Mumbai and sometimes it's very difficult to get certain fabric. I am dying to get felt material and finally I got it in D-Mart (a chain supermarket that mostly selling local products). It supposed to be a shawl hihihih but since I really want that felt fabric, so I bought it and cut it into pieces to make the brown angel. Only dull colors available there and this brown is the best one so I picked it up. And as usual, my hubby just laughing and shook his head while saying,"You are really mad."

I cut the material last night, successfully formed the head, stitched the eyes and put a pink lips for the angel. Then, I did the same crochetting method for the hair like I did to my waldorf doll. This morning, I continued with the body stitching and the wings. I decorated the wings with blanket stitching, to give pink touch like the hair color. As the last finishing touch, I put love shaped fabric on it's chest.

Next time I will make another angel doll with white cloth and a halo (a ring of light above an angel's head).
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