Monday, May 30, 2011

Embroidered Strawbery Shortcake

Yep, as I told you before I am in love with embroidery...This time I've done Strawberry Shortcake embroidery. The idea I got from this blog, I was searching for strawberry as the keyword and found that blog.  It's so interesting, she made an apron with that character.  But, since I've smurfed several aprons before, I was thinking to use the embroidery into something else.  A tote bag would be great, since I have two nieces there who will love to carry it around :)

I made two Strawberry Shortcake embroideries one is the old version of the character another one is the makeover version.  This time, I just want to share the makeover version, since I haven't finished sewing the bag of the old version one :)

I really love the experience during the embroidery process.  A fellow crafter suggested to use a binding with the same fabric as the back side of the bag (pink polka dots) to frame the embroidery, check her tutorial of how to do it nicely.  Using that method now the embroidery part can be used as a pocket.  Oh yeah, this time I quilted the bag ;) it's another achievement for me heheheh...

See you at my next smurfing project ;)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Getting closer to patchwork ;)

Yeehaw!! My hubby's friend was about to return to Mumbai from L.A and he asked my hubby what he wanted to get from there.  "Would you please ask him to get me a rotary cutter and its blade, and a quilting ruler?" I asked my hubby.  Yes! A week after that, I got my "dream stuffs", and I got two rotary cutters, one is for Wulan, she also wants it badly :) 

Let me show you what I got ;)  Ohhh but don't smirk at my cutting mat :D ... I bought it last year from Daiso, a Japanese shop in my hometown, it sells only Japanese stuffs that cost you $2 for any product you pick ;) That's why it's small, but it's helpful now you know what's my next target is :D a proper cutting mat ;)

Cannot wait for my pieced work project, I did once before when I made my sewing maching cover, cutting was really hard work, I think with the cutter, ruler and mat, it will be easier ;)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Embroidery Fever...

Thing I really love the most in sewing activity is the creative part, what I meant is the embroidery process, making the applique, or drawing and painting the image.  I know it really consumes the time but I love the process, feeling so original ;) ummm it's better to say more innovative.  Well, as you know, nowadays with the Internet access that connect you to any source of idea you want, you cannot say you're original, am I right?

Well, let's stop the blah blah blah part :D  I fall in love with embroidery hoop wall hanging!  Not sure of course who has that idea for the very first time, but I saw it for the first time on  Then, there's my dear friend's birthday, was thinking to make three of them as her birthday gift.  She's a fabric and sewing lover, and she loves handmade stuffs, so I thought that wall hanging will be the perfect gifts for her.  One more, she loves that Sunbonnet Sue images, so I chose some images of Sunbonnet Sue Redwork Collection, and Sue is sewing!

 After so many trial and error with the fabric, I ended up making four hanging wall, for feeling guilty for the late birthday gift :( ... I can only blame myself for my ugly time management :(   But, after all, I've made it and it's ready to be sent away, and really hope she will like them, hang them at her sewing room and they might give her more inspiration in sewing! Here's the close up of my work :)

Look! Sue is sewing :)

Sue is embroidering!

Finally, she is fitting the dress :)

The spirit of sewing ;) *no alcohol please!

Another embroidery project is on it's way ;)  Have a creative day!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mom and Daughters Apron Set

A dear friend really wanted to have matching apron set with her two daughters :)  As a cooking lover, her two daughters that seem to enjoy helping their mom cooking and baking, having matching apron is such a great idea.  She said she wanted to have one with "mama" written on the apron and of course name on her daughters'.  She chose to have yellow color this time. 

I am playing with rickrack border this time, it's a gift from dear friend who also loves to sew.  An ice cream applique for Cindy and a burger one for Fanny.  For Mama, I did chain stitch to make the embroidery of dough roller, a whisk, and hat chef, with a note written,"#1 Chef" on the hat.

See you at my next project!
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