Monday, January 25, 2010

Old Jeans Craft

Checking the wardrobe, full of old clothes, and I found some pairs of my husband' jeans. He said, "I want to cut and get knee length jeans to wear at home." Heheheh, he returned from the tailor with three pairs of jeans cut-off, yeehaw!

So, I cut here and there wanted to make a sewing machine cover, after so many thinking and mistakes, I ended up made the simple plan into complicated one. It took almost three days to finish it, since I had to check my farm in between :D and did the house chores. What I like from this project is that I learned to make patchwork and hand stitch applique at the same time, ohh and also learned to change and use different kind of needles for my sewing machine ;) Check it out!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My First Swap

It's been quite sometimes I never update my blog though actually I had some stuffs done before.

Well, I joined a swap conducted by my Masterji :D at her blog and it was my first swap. The swap name is "Celebrate Your Friendship", so I have a new friend now :)

I got these two beautiful things from mbak Wawan, a muffler and a bead pouch. She's my swap partner, who's living in Kalimantan, Indonesia. I love the muffler's color, soft colors that will match with any sweater. The bead pouch is a tribal design, Dayak design! She said it's a b'day gift for me, what a sweet thought! Thanks a lot for the swap mbak! Hope we can do again next time! For sure she's very good swap partner, if you want a crocheting swap, do it with her! Oh ya, I will take a pic of me with the muffler around my neck and upload it here :) very soon, I promise!

And I made this Knitting Tools Organizer for her. She's an expert in crocheting and eager to learn knitting, so I thought a knitting tools organizer would be a great swap for her. The picture is not that great because I had to take it with my mobile phone. She said she like it though a little bit confuse what to do with it before :D
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