Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chef Hat Tutorial

It’s been several times I sew chef hat for my friend’s little girls.  I think it’s time for me to share the tutorial after so many trial and errors in making it, for me these steps are the easy one.  Thanks to dear crafting friend who keep on pushing me to try to make the tutorial :)

This chef hat is adjustable – it fits to head size with circumference between 18” to 22”.  Sorry for the not great photos.  I will try my best to update the tutorial and taking better pictures soon :)

Materials you need:
18” diameter circle fabric-cut 1 for the top
6” tall x 24” wide for the band (cut 1)
2.5” tall x 23” wide interface
2.5” Velcro
1 spool of coordinating thread
Embroidery floss to embroider the name

The steps:
  • Preparing the band.  Take the rectangular fabric and iron/crease it along the middle by folding it in half lengthwise and unfold again.  Iron the interface at one of the wrong sides of the rectangular fabric, by putting in the middle of the fabric – at the creased line
  • Now, embroider your little chef's name on the center of the right side of the fabric with the attached interface.  Once you’ve finished with the embroidery, take the Velcro and attach the Velcro hooks on the right side of the name, leaving half inch for seam (please look at the picture).  Then stitch the Velcro loops at the left side, behind the name.
  • Now, get your circle fabric (sorry mine is not really circle), fold 4” out of it and stitch.  It will be look like the image below.

  • Then, gather the edge of it by doing running stitch but not including the stitched part (refer to no. 4), leave enough thread to adjust the gathered fabric later on.  The result will be look like this.
  • Next part is attaching the band to the top part.  Start the process by pinning the seams of the band to the sewn part of the top, leaving 2 inches gap of the top part.  Make sure the right side of the circle fabric facing the right side of the band and the name position is as shown in the picture (green arrow).
  • After that, carefully adjust and pin the gathered fabric into the band.  It will look like this.
  • Sew it slowly around the band and you will get this raw edges.
  • You're almost there!  Now, turn the hat right side out and pin the back side of the band covering the raw edges to the front side of the band.
  • And sew slowly at the outside of the band while removing the pins.  If you want a neat result, please do running stitch first instead putting pins making sure the band can cover the raw edges perfectly.
  • Then fold and sew the edge the band for finishing touch.  
  • The behind part of your chef hat suppose to be like this.
  • Here's the hat for your little chef!

If you like this chef hat tutorial and you have time to sew it, please give me credit by putting the source link at your blog, for sure I would love to see yours :)  And if you have any question, feel free to ask me at the comment post, I will reply asap ;)  Happy Sewing!  
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