Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Snowy Outside!

Another Wee Wonderful project after Emma and a doll for Alisha...This time I made for my Indian niece I am about to visit tomorrow in Kerala, India :)   The idea of course to make an Indian doll ;)  Take a look at the photos, her felt fabric hair is braided nicely with bindhi on the forehead .   She got big brown eyes like those Indian and her cheeks are red because of the cold weather ;)  

Now, I want you to see the detail of my Indian doll :) ... The doll in her inner wear :) Then, the doll's back, this time I sew the dress separately, so my niece can enjoy put the dress on and off.  On the last picture, you can see the shawl becomes a dupatta ;)

See I am off for my Kerala visit...Oh yeah, I have to do some applique embroideries while visiting my in-laws, a secret project between my fellow crafter and me ;)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Brownie Doll for the Birthday Girl

I smurfed another doll from Wee Wonderful just like what I did before for sweet Pooja.  The same original style like the pattern but I choose different color of fabric for the cloth and skin :)  This time I made it for a special little girl who got birthday exactly on the same day of my Indonesia's Independence Day, 17 August.  The date makes me easily remember anyone who born on the same date.  The little girl's name is Alisha, she's as cute and pretty as her name, a friend's daughter.  Her mother said that Alisha loves the doll and takes her to bed with her ;)  I am so happy to know there's a little girl having a wonderful time with my handmade craft :)

See you again with my next craft posting...Let's back to the stash and smurf them girls ;)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Smurfed The Smurfs

Finally...after almost 20 years never saw it
The Smurfs made their return :)
When I chose the name for my blog last 2009
I didn't see a single upload on YouTube of The Smurfs cartoon
I only able to gather the memory by reading about it on wiki
but'll see enough
because there's The Smurfs (Film)
old school guys rewind their old memory...

So excited to see
All the imagination of the peaceful blue village
three apples high creatures
papa, smurfette, brainy, grumpy, chef, baby, hefty
and most of all that's now matching my blog would be...
tailor smurf ;)

now it's time to smurf my fabrics...while sing along...

la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la
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