Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's the last but not the last's my last project of 2010 but not the last for sure for there are more and more ideas will flow in 2011...

A sweet friend interested with aprons I sewed for my niece and nephew.  She wanted two sets of apron and the hat chef for her two cute daughters, Tiffany and Cindy.  These two little girls love those Disney princesses and for sure like other girls, they love pink color.  I chose this pink fabric for both of them and tried to combined with different appliques and apron designs.  Thus, I have two different styles of apron.  Check them out....

Here's for Tiffany, really love the cupcake with its colorful sequins detail as the sweet sprinkles.

This one is for Cindy, simple but really cute watermelon with black seed that matches the black chain embroidery for the name on the hat.

I sent it yesterday and hope will reach them today, and really really hope the aprons will fit them and they love to wear it while helping their mom.  Oh yeah, this dear friend is a real cook, she loves to cook and she really can cook ;)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fabric Origami on Cushion Cover

I bought the fabrics from local supermarket.  Well, I won't say a fabric, because this shop sometimes sells cut & piece of Bombay Dyeing fabric in a form of big pillow cover.  So, if I open the stitches up it will be a yard fabric :p The fabric is so beautiful even I have to think twice sometimes to cut it off heheheh stingy mode on :D

But this time since I got a flower origami book of a Japanese designer, Kumiko Sudo, I happily cut the fabrics.  It's just a simple origami like what we did in kindergarten, that I still love to do until now but this time you have to use a fabric.  I made stem and leave appliques and blind stitched it carefully.  Really love to do it and want to do more soon.  Here's the picture. 

Friday, December 24, 2010

handmade on them

I think I have to show off my niece and nephew photos when they wearing my handmade.
These are Tiza and Jascha in their apron, well forget about the size, I was a real amateur even didn't call home for their size heheheh ... what an aunty :D but they love it and now always willing to help their moms to cook just for the sake of wearing the apron and chef hat. 

Below is Tiza wearing my first peasant blouse, it fits her perfectly.

Tiza again, she's wearing my first properly stitched dress when I joined a month sewing course nearby my home ;)

Then, it's Jascha, he's wearing his PJ ... well I sewed this PJ because my online tutor heheh I meant friend, Phiphi kept on asking me to try sewing one ;) well not bad I think.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

More from 2010 before it ends ;)

Yuhuuu....highly in spirit still but not that "spirit" of course.
I really really try to walk my talk to prepare 2011 hihihih...have started my 2011 resolution on this December itself, will share about it later...I am afraid if I tell it now I won't be able to stick into the list hehehe *excuses*

Well, I got A4 felt fabric from mbak Phiphi last year, but too stingy to use it since I couldn't find any of this material out there in Mumbai market :( until last July when I back to my country sweet country I brought back some half meter of colors of felt fabric.  And's the result so far....I made this strawberry chocolate cake for dear friend Wulan, she got her b'day last September, hope she'll back to sewing again and use it as a pin cushion :)   Check here for the strawberry tute, someone has been so nice to share it :)

Then...another friend wanted it and here she got, another cake but this time it's strawberry vanilla cake? heheheh dunno..I thought she would use it for pin cushion, well what to do she got two adorable daughters and the elder one won it ....

But....the younger one called me she said,"Aunty I want also one because my sister won't share it with me to play, can you make a pizza for me?" Ohh noooo...How can I say no?'s for the little one...

Pizza corner was not my final place to visit...I continued my journey at the field....and here I found this cute rabbit tried to catch the ladybug ;)  They are hairbands, of course I only put the applique, I bought the hairband from a local shop downtown in Mumbai.

I will smurf more of my felt...since mbak Phiphi sent me more colors, red, green, brown, and white...thanks to her, I dunno why she never accept money for those crafty things, ummm maybe she want it with the interest wkwkwkwk....thanks sista ;)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Preparing 2011

It's so easy to get sucked into other things that distract you.
Play your own game.
Go deep in your own game.
Don't get sucked into the external first.
Look within and build from there. ~ Brian Kim ~

Well for short, he wants to say be FOCUS!
It's so hard for me to do wanna smurf the apron but end up with my drawing, or else almost finish with the pouch but the final result is googling for ideas :(
Before the 2011 starts, let me upload some of the crafts I did in the past :) to keep the spirit up for the coming new year :)

I made the above grabbag for my dear friend, Kak Lisna, she said she's so happy with it and even posted the bag's picture on her facebook with her favorite book for now, Eat Pray Love and some stuffs.  I love that she loves it.  What I like the most is the sequins, I googled the peacock image and drew it there myself.

The following pouch, I made for another dear friend, Mbok Gung, she loves it I believe heheheh, she's not that expressive one but she appreciates my handmade and asks me to start selling my works :)  I really like the embroidery, it's called kamal kadai, chemanthy, it's the correct term, thanks to Deepa.  I got the tutorial from Deepa's blog, I randomly found from google image for embroidery as the keyword.  Thanks to her generosity for sharing her talent :)

And here's my cute pouch, really love the cute busy grazing sheeps.  I want to give it to mbak Phiphi, she's my online tutor for sewing heheheh....I want her to check my pouch, what's to improve and so on.  Thanks before dear :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Back to smurfing time :)'s been almost six months I haven't updated my blog...huhuhuh :(
I was two months in my home country and as usual the after holiday lazyness was around...but it's too much...Actually I did my crafting activities...enough number to be posted online but so lazy to do it :(

Now not anymore...2011 is coming no more lazyness *while praying to make it happen* heheheh's my first post after my last post last May....

I brought below Indian style pouches for my mom, sister, and grandmom when I visited Indonesia last July-August :)

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