Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Preparing 2011

It's so easy to get sucked into other things that distract you.
Play your own game.
Go deep in your own game.
Don't get sucked into the external first.
Look within and build from there. ~ Brian Kim ~

Well for short, he wants to say be FOCUS!
It's so hard for me to do wanna smurf the apron but end up with my drawing, or else almost finish with the pouch but the final result is googling for ideas :(
Before the 2011 starts, let me upload some of the crafts I did in the past :) to keep the spirit up for the coming new year :)

I made the above grabbag for my dear friend, Kak Lisna, she said she's so happy with it and even posted the bag's picture on her facebook with her favorite book for now, Eat Pray Love and some stuffs.  I love that she loves it.  What I like the most is the sequins, I googled the peacock image and drew it there myself.

The following pouch, I made for another dear friend, Mbok Gung, she loves it I believe heheheh, she's not that expressive one but she appreciates my handmade and asks me to start selling my works :)  I really like the embroidery, it's called kamal kadai, chemanthy, it's the correct term, thanks to Deepa.  I got the tutorial from Deepa's blog, I randomly found from google image for embroidery as the keyword.  Thanks to her generosity for sharing her talent :)

And here's my cute pouch, really love the cute busy grazing sheeps.  I want to give it to mbak Phiphi, she's my online tutor for sewing heheheh....I want her to check my pouch, what's to improve and so on.  Thanks before dear :)


  1. Love your creations..especially the flystitch around the chemanthy.(not kamal kadai)
    Thanks for visiting my place and letting me know about yours :)

  2. Thanks Deepa for your correction and sweet comment, really encouraging :) I did correction on the right term, soryy I'm new comer for this stuff :) Thanks for sharing again, I might dig deeper to your gorgeous craft works for more learning about Indian embroidery :)

  3. Your blog is really great, I wanted to thank you for the help you provide.


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