Monday, December 6, 2010

Back to smurfing time :)'s been almost six months I haven't updated my blog...huhuhuh :(
I was two months in my home country and as usual the after holiday lazyness was around...but it's too much...Actually I did my crafting activities...enough number to be posted online but so lazy to do it :(

Now not anymore...2011 is coming no more lazyness *while praying to make it happen* heheheh's my first post after my last post last May....

I brought below Indian style pouches for my mom, sister, and grandmom when I visited Indonesia last July-August :)


  1. Welcome back darling...nice to see you blogging again...:). Lovely pouches...I really love the elephant one.

  2. Superb article that gave me real tracks for my items to me. I will test starting next article. To say I even put the page in Favorites.
    Thank you


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