Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March IMQG Challenge Entry

Yes, a tissue box cover for my second entry of India Modern Quilt Guild monthly challenge :)
I didn't join the February one, too much thinking and ended up doing nothing :(
This time, of course I was thinking what to make but less...a fellow member of IMQG told me so :) thanks Tina ;)

These are the rules of March Challenge :
1.Use ONLY two Fat Quarters, of which one should be solid, and one print.
2.Repeat - The ENTIRE project should be made from JUST these two fat quarters. And threads, of course!
3.No batting
4.You can use fastners like buttons, velcro, buckles etc but not embelishments. Even buttons should be used for purpose, not decoration.

Confused for many ideas with two fat quarters but I cannot use batting...headache! stomachache! all ideas gone in a second!  heheheh... Then I started searching for the ideas from a famous online shop, and decided that a tissue box cover will be the best.

I am not sure whether I broke the rules or not since I used less than two fat quarters *sigh*
Well better take a look, if I have better idea, I might smurf another from the cut-piece ;)

This tissue box cover will fit the rectangular tissue boxes that measures around 9" width, 3.5" height, and 4" depth, with matching buttons at the left and right as the opening in which you can pop-up the tissue easily.

What I like the most in finishing this project is that I cut the fabric, sew it, took the photograph, edited it, and posted in the same day!  So proud of myself :p so discipline and on time :D

Well, I hope I can join the April Challenge ...  Happy Sewing ;)

Monday, March 12, 2012

A drawstring bag for Malavika

I've made that diapers stacker for Malavika and continued with sewing a drawstring bag for her.  Actually it's for her mother :) so whenever she has to carry Malavika around for a walk or just buying something around the neighborhood, she just grabs the bag with her.  She can put a small milk bottle, a hand towel, or even a diaper inside :)  I put an extra touch by making hanging charm of a bunny head from felt.  I made the bunny to match the pink fabric that has bunny print on it :)

I got the tutorial from this blog, a talented Japanese lady and as usual like other Japanese who loves sewing who makes meticulous and cute sewing projects... Just take a look :)

Here is the close up look of the inside part when the bag is opened, the bunny hanging charm, and when you pull the bag's drawstring.

See you on my next post \^'^/

Friday, March 9, 2012

Finally, a Diapers Stacker!

I made this diapers stacker, finally!  After only keep on delaying for being to scared to cut the fabric :D ... I didn't find any good tutorial for this or maybe I am not good at all to read those tutorial available online :( ... I  cut a newspaper and made a diapers stacker prototype out of it just to make sure my imagination met the outcome.  For the size, I checked it out from the online sellers' products and adjusting accordingly.  The final size of mine is 20" height, 12" width, and 8" depth!

Until last month we visited my hubby's friend whose baby just 5 months old and will need diapers until 2 years old for sure, since his wife is a career woman and will have no time for washing the reusable diaper :D  I hope they will like it and use it once it's delivered next week ;)  Take a look!

 This is the close up image of the top...I did needle turn applique for the name initial *hahah new sewing vocabulary for me though I did the method before*  And I did crescent stitch with the machine to attach the bottom and the top parts.  I love the white lace, it really gives a baby girl touch! 

That 'M' stands for Malavika...a cute and active baby girl...hope it will compliment her pinky crib :)  And if she won's wear diapers any longer, this stacker can be used to keep her dolls :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The last one - 3

This is the last one... She loves that Rumi's quote...I think I like his quotes as well, very soft and touching.  This time I really asked her which quote she likes, so I can make a wall-art for her.

She chose this nice one, "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."  This words will work for her who loves sewing.  I did stem stitch for the words and put flowers, loves, and leaves appliques as the embellishment.

Happy sewing!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The gift -2

I purposefully posting the gifts for Phiphi in three different posts, you know for the sake of having several posts in a month :D  The gift projects supposed to be published on my blog last month, but delivery delay made me unable to do it.

Take a look on the second gift, it's a coin purse with that metal frame.  I used the same fabric to match the bag I've made before.  I love the fabric, it got Indian traditional painting of elephant, cow, banana India!  I hand quilted some of the images so the purse would look a bit fluffy!

See you tomorrow on the third one ;)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Belated Birthday Gifts for Phiphi - 1

Phiphi's birthday was on Feb 6th and it's last month!!!  And as usual I didn't know what the best to give for her :(  When I got the ideas time had I sew sew and sew during February to finish my three gifts for her.  She's really crazy on quilting nowadays... So, I thought the best gift for her is something related to quilting.

I tried to google and found a nice tutorial of a tote bag.  It's a very interesting quilted tote bag, and once I've finished my project, I just have to share it on one of Flickr group.  I didn't really follow the tutorial, I put a twirl quilting design on the plain black block, I hope you can see the quilting since I use a black thread for it.

What do you think?

I think she likes it, she told me on phone when she received the parcel...and I am more than happy that she likes it :)

Ohh..and if you're interested to make the same bag, just visit Teresa's blog and share the photo of your bag here, I've posted mine there ;)
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