Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Promise is A Promise ;)

I promised one time to a dear friend's daughters, that we'll make a doll together during their holiday...When they returned to Indonesia, they bought some meters of felt fabric to make the doll :)   So, holiday was almost finished when their mom took them to my home for the doll making project :)

I have a Wee Wonderful book by Hillary Lang, I showed it to them and asked them to choose which one they want to make.  These two girls are Megu, 11 and Pooja, 9 years-old.  Megu is on her transitional age, about leaving her childhood and going to enter her teenage age, so she's not that interested in making doll.  It seems to me that she's also not into crafting :) so she finally chose to make minnie mouse applique from the felt fabric with her mom's help :)  While, Pooja, she was so busy picking up the doll to make, she wanted them all but she knew she could only pick one :)  Finally she chose tag-a-long doll to be smurfed ;)

Look at them, they are so serious doing their tasks :)  And on the right side is Pooja holding her doll, she named it Emma :)  I wanted the girls to be involved during the project making.  They happily transferred the picture into a paper ready to be cut.  They also loved to help the stitching.  I taught them how to do the backstitch and they do the rest, though the result is running stitch :D  However, to save the time, I did the major stitching using my machine.  Well, as you know, kids will always hope a project can be done at the same day itself, so they can take their doll home :)

Isn't Emma as sweet as Pooja?  Pooja is so proud with her doll and keep on telling people that she made it by herself ;)

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