Thursday, November 26, 2009

Grab Bag

Will write the details about this grab bag including its pattern link soon :) for a moment I am just too exhausted being grabbed by this bag :D

That was my previous background story of this bag and as I promised here's the link, check it out and SIY, stitch it yourself, hehehehe.... I can't wait to make another one ;)

Monday, November 23, 2009

cushion cover ;)

We got an old sofa so my hubby tried to cover it with an Indian design bedsheet. The bedsheet was bought without cushion cover. So, here's my creative part, I cut a quarter part of it and stitched it into two cushion covers. Here my first cushion covers ;)
And here's the back side of it:

Friday, November 13, 2009

Apron and Hat for Chef Tiza

Finally I able to finish my another project, huuuhhh so tired :D...even I don't have any idea now what to write about this apron and chef hat for Tiza, my niece. To make it short, I just used my imagination to make this apron and chef hat, no pattern that I peek from somebody's else project. For sure, it was really a trial and error but I am so satisfied with my work. For the neck tie, I used a little bit elastic just to make sure it will fit to Tiza's neck and velcro to button it, so she can help herself when wearing it.
Aren't God great that He bless us with this brain better than any other animals ;) Even I stitched Tiza's name on the hat...OMG I am so happy, it's really my masterpiece :D *arrogant mode On* hehhehe. Oh ya I used interfacing paper to make the hat stiff, what do you think? Not bad at all right for a beginner? :D
Below is close up of the apron's pocket, just try to be simple by making yo-yo flowers, since the main fabric has colorful pattern of polkadots :)
The last picture is the inside and behind part of the hat. I also used elastic since I used standart head size for 3 years-old girl, 18", but in case it's not big enough, the elastic will help :)

Now, I can't wait to see her wear them and helping her mommy making cookies and bread for her customers :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Messy Desk

Here's my messy compact desk :D ... it's small but everythings are there! I will simultaneously do stitching, chatting, get a phone call, drawing, reading, or maybe playing FarmVille on Facebook hihihih on this desk ... Need eye drops for my eyes please :D Well, I read a quote by Albert Einstein about messy desk,"If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?”

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Peasant Dress for Tiza

Finally I able to finish my dream project, a real peasant dress! After practising to make one for my doll ;) This time, the dress I made for my beautiful and cute niece, Tiza, thinking to send it to her with an apron and a doll specially made by Agnes aunty :)

I got the pattern from Teresa Brady's site, who generously shares the tutorial, thanks Tes! I modified it here and there, I made the arm longer and the dress in an "A" shape. I still found some defects on the dress :( but my MasterJi gave me two thumbs up as a beginner :D She told me to cut the bottom part of the dress a little bit curve instead of straight so the result won't be the sharp at the edge, thanks Sis! I will remember that for my next project, let's see whether Tiza will be comfortable enough wearing it or not *praying mode On* :D Oh yeahh, this is my first creative work together with my sewing machine ;)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yoga Mat Drawstring Bag

Got the idea from, one of the seller there sells yoga mat drawstring bag. For sure two days ago, I've started enjoying my time with my new sweetheart, a Singer sewing machine :) It's not the sophisticated one but I believe I still can kick my leg to keep being creative.

This yoga mat bag is my second creative work (I'll post my first one later on). Actually I just wanted to use the leftover fabric given by my MasterJi hihihih and another fabric I bought with a dear friend.

I checked this site to guide me how to make it. I used a kitchen bowl that's 15cm in diameter as the round bottom :D I asked another dear friend to calculate the circumference heheheh the pattern occupied my brain too much, just didn't want to add more. I told her if she refused to do the calculation, I won't help her with her FarmVille huahahahah. So here's the result ;)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our 4th Anniversary and Tongseng Kambing

It's been four years my hubby and I being together, with all ups and downs. And as usual he's not so romantic for that kind of stuffs and at the same time he got already a hectic day in office. However, that didn't meant I would also lost my romantic mood heheheh...a dear friend asked what to cook for our anniversary. Well well, thanks to remind me, so I just got an idea to cook "tongseng kambing" or "mutton curry in a Javanese style". Another best friend asked me to join her to a supermarket, so I went with her to buy the mutton and all the ingredients. I wasn't so lucky because I couldn't get shallot, but my friend offered me some of shallot she had at her home :) And here's our tongseng kambing, but I forgot to take it's picture with rice, I believe if I did you'll drool just by seeing the picture :D

This time let me share my recipe, of course I got it originally from my mom but I prefer to confirm myself by searching randomly in google and combined with my mom's recipe.

250 gr boneless mutton
1 cup cabbage, square cut (you can add more if you want)
2 medium sized tomatoes, slice nicely
10 cm lemon grass
2 pcs of cloves
1 slice of galangal
4 shallots, finely sliced
3 garlics, finely sliced
4 tbs of cooking oil
200 ml of thick coconut milk
250 ml of hot water
3 tbs of sweet soy sauce
1/5 tsp of sugar

To be crushed tenderly:
4 shallots
3 garlics
1/5 tsp of cumin seed
1 tsp of turmeric powder
1 tsp of corriander powder
3 pcs of candlenuts
3 tsp of salt

In pressure cooker, heat 2 tbs of cooking oil and fry the crushed ingredients, once it smells good put the mutton (cut it in small pieces according to your choice) and fry for several minutes. Then pour hot water into the cooker and close it with it's lid and whistle. Wait until 8 times whistles and switch off your stove.

Now, in a skillet, heat up the rest of cooking oil and fry the sliced shallots, continued by sliced garlics. Then put the lemon grass, cloves, galangal. After a minute or two, add the sliced tomatoes, wait until the tomatoes become half tender. It's time to add the mutton (without the gravy) and the cabbage then stir again for another two minutes.

Then, add the coconut milk and gravy, keep on stir it to make sure the coconut milk is not broken (the taste will be less tasty if so). Once it's boiled and cooked, add the soy sauce and keep stir the curry for another 10 minutes, add the sugar and taste it. You can add more salt according to your taste. If you want you can add dry fried sliced shallot on top of it as a garnish. As an Indonesian we really love to eat with sambal (hot and spicy condiment), and this time I made sambal kecap, made of cut chillies, chopped garlic and shallot, 2 tbs of sweet soy sauce, and a pinch of salt.

If you're not happy with my enriched recipe, please check the recipe I visited and combined with my mom's, click here please.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stuffed Rabbit

Yeehaw!!! *so Farmville huh?* ... Without too much background story like previous posts, here is my stuffed rabbit.

What do you think? Is he cute? I believe it's a he :D
But wait!!! I am not sure it's a rabbit or a kangaroo? A dear friend and my hubby said it's a kangaroo....hihihihih

Friday, September 25, 2009

The First Brown Baby Angel

Yesss!!! Finally I finished my first brown baby angel...making an angel is always my dream ... hihihi anything related to waldorf doll makes me curious...and here it is the brown angel. Oh yeah, I got the tutorial to confirm myself how to make it from Nuno's site.

I am staying in Mumbai and sometimes it's very difficult to get certain fabric. I am dying to get felt material and finally I got it in D-Mart (a chain supermarket that mostly selling local products). It supposed to be a shawl hihihih but since I really want that felt fabric, so I bought it and cut it into pieces to make the brown angel. Only dull colors available there and this brown is the best one so I picked it up. And as usual, my hubby just laughing and shook his head while saying,"You are really mad."

I cut the material last night, successfully formed the head, stitched the eyes and put a pink lips for the angel. Then, I did the same crochetting method for the hair like I did to my waldorf doll. This morning, I continued with the body stitching and the wings. I decorated the wings with blanket stitching, to give pink touch like the hair color. As the last finishing touch, I put love shaped fabric on it's chest.

Next time I will make another angel doll with white cloth and a halo (a ring of light above an angel's head).

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Piggy Doll

I've finished my stuffed-doll two weeks a go but only got a time to upload the picture and story behind it now, since it's still a new blog also :)

I've told so many times that I love dolls, maybe because I hardly had it when I was a kid :( Well, I visited my favorite link that belongs to Martha Steward and *wink wink* printed the pattern and stitched it.

The size is not as big as you seen in the picture. It's width is only 13 inch and 9 inch in height. I still used the same material I used for my elephant and cat doll , as I said I have several yards of it that a friend bought for me in a cheap price. But for sure, I am so proud of it, never thought that I could make a piggy doll...what a progress for me, maybe my Mom and Grandmom will be shocked if I show them the doll itself :D Check out the piggy with it's several poses :

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chez Vies is giving away

Hi all, this is my third time joining a giveaway project...hihihi and I am addicted to it. I hope I can be a winner this time ;) Go to Chez Vies' blog and follow the rules, it's easy and maybe if you're lucky enough you can win beautiful orange coasters set, including one tray mat. Chez Vies has made so many beautiful stitching stuff, so I believe the coasters set will be a great companion to serve your guest a glass of orange juice ;;)

Nursing Cover

I really love to see a mother who breastfeeds her baby. They look like a goddess for me, full of love, willing to give everything for the baby, and so beautiful. But, I don't really enjoy to see a mother who breastfeeds her baby at public places without any attempt to cover her beautiful breasts. Why should they show off their breasts now? Why not before? hihihih...That kind of view irritates me.

That's why the idea of a nursing cover is a smart idea for me. You can easily cover your breasts and still able to have eye-contact while breastfeeding your baby. I tried to imagine how to make it confirmed myself by searching in google for the right way to do it. And, I found it here, she made the exact nursing cover I want to make.

For sure I planned to give it for a friend who is enjoying become a newly mom. And I was so happy that she found the nursing cover was so helpful when she travelled with the baby and had to give breastfeeding at public places.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The E

Oh my...since it's a new blog for me and I've made some of my crafts, so I really have to post about them before I lose my spirit (-.-)

This time is about "The E". E is for Elephant, it's really my favorite animal. I love to draw elephant, and cut a paper to make an elephant. Two years ago, even my friend's uncle who really fans of elephant gave me big pictures of elephant. That's why I want to make an elephant pillow. But actually, a nice friend interested to have one for her son who loves to have doll to play with. Well, since she's a senior amongs my friends who deal with stitching and selling her handmade stuffs, so I prefer to make "The E". I want her to check my work, how good it is and what should I improve to make it perfect. Hope can send "The E" next coming Monday for her son and hope he will like it.

I made it from the same material as the cat pillow. I only did blanket stitching on the bottom part to represent The E's legs and to attach the ear to it's head. I filled it with that synthetic cotton and stitched a braided blue wool thread as the tail. This time, my pillow has an open eye, only one eye hihihih ... another part of it is plain without eye and ear.

Cat pillow

I really love children and really love to have fun with them. It was always a dream of me to make puppet toys and stuffed-animals for the children. Buying toys are the easiest way but I prefer to make them, a handmade toy has it's own personal touch of the maker, am I right?

I still have a lot of fabric that a friend bought for me from Crawford Market-Mumbai. So, I decided to make a cat pillow. It has 40 x 20 cm body and 14 cm diameter head. It filled it with pillow stuffing, I think it's a synthetic cotton, and did blanket stitching around the body. I also did the same to make closed eyes. Check it out....

Friday, August 21, 2009

My first Doll and Kaka

I saw a doll in the Korean Kindergarten in Surabaya, I was working as a teacher there. At that time I don't know exactly what doll type was that. For me it was just so cute since it was carefully handmade with woolen hair and cute clothing, a girly one.

Then, I reached Mumbai again, and my curiousity drove me to search for the doll name, and it's a waldorf doll. I searched the tutorial and found it at Simmy's blog and started created my own stuf from scratches, and here she is : The first comment came from my sister in Indonesia, she asked me to send one for her daughter, Tiza. But for me the first doll is far from perfect, I promised will send her one soon I can make the best one for her.

Then, I tried to make another one with better technique and Chaya loved it so much and took it home to Chennai with her, she even gave a name, Kaka for this doll. A friend said that this doll reminds her of Symonds, the Australian cricketer ... LOL but she is a girl type of Symonds, don't you think? I think she's better than the previous one, but I still have to practice more to get the perfect one.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why Do I Smurf this Smurfing Time

I smurf the name of smurfing-time as the name of my blogspot because I really love smurf characters. I love their smurf language. I used to wait for 30 mins Smurf cartoon on TV every Friday evening when I was still a teenager. I do still love the way smurfs talk and each of smurf's characters.

So smurfing-time can be stitching time, cooking time, being creative time, or any verb that smurf can do ;)

I will tell you more or refresh you more about smurf next time, it's just too late at night to discuss the little funny blue creature at this moment.

Oh yeah...actually I've a blog already where I used to write down a topic or two that give me a hook inside, but since I became interested more to creative stuffs, I decided to make another one.

I love to do things related to children and something clicked me to be more creative when I got problem with my PC, I had time to make my first waldorf doll. Then a meeting with another Indonesian friend that, Thank God, lives nearby and has the same hobby, makes me want to stitch more. And another meeting with another Indonesian friend who joins a hobby & craft course. Of course, online chatting and blogwalking sharing with another one who lives far away in North-East but she's a talented one for stitching, thanks for sharing so far Sis :)

Thus, I made this blog for my smurfing-time. Before, I was thinking only to upload the works on Facebook but since I've made more things and to boost me to do more, I decided to create this new blog.

let's smurf the blog ;)
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