Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why Do I Smurf this Smurfing Time

I smurf the name of smurfing-time as the name of my blogspot because I really love smurf characters. I love their smurf language. I used to wait for 30 mins Smurf cartoon on TV every Friday evening when I was still a teenager. I do still love the way smurfs talk and each of smurf's characters.

So smurfing-time can be stitching time, cooking time, being creative time, or any verb that smurf can do ;)

I will tell you more or refresh you more about smurf next time, it's just too late at night to discuss the little funny blue creature at this moment.

Oh yeah...actually I've a blog already where I used to write down a topic or two that give me a hook inside, but since I became interested more to creative stuffs, I decided to make another one.

I love to do things related to children and something clicked me to be more creative when I got problem with my PC, I had time to make my first waldorf doll. Then a meeting with another Indonesian friend that, Thank God, lives nearby and has the same hobby, makes me want to stitch more. And another meeting with another Indonesian friend who joins a hobby & craft course. Of course, online chatting and blogwalking sharing with another one who lives far away in North-East but she's a talented one for stitching, thanks for sharing so far Sis :)

Thus, I made this blog for my smurfing-time. Before, I was thinking only to upload the works on Facebook but since I've made more things and to boost me to do more, I decided to create this new blog.

let's smurf the blog ;)


  1. Welcome aboard...^_^..Looking forward for your next post..:D

  2. thanks sing it,"Because of you, my life has changed. Thank you for the love & the joy you bring,"

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