Saturday, August 22, 2009

The E

Oh my...since it's a new blog for me and I've made some of my crafts, so I really have to post about them before I lose my spirit (-.-)

This time is about "The E". E is for Elephant, it's really my favorite animal. I love to draw elephant, and cut a paper to make an elephant. Two years ago, even my friend's uncle who really fans of elephant gave me big pictures of elephant. That's why I want to make an elephant pillow. But actually, a nice friend interested to have one for her son who loves to have doll to play with. Well, since she's a senior amongs my friends who deal with stitching and selling her handmade stuffs, so I prefer to make "The E". I want her to check my work, how good it is and what should I improve to make it perfect. Hope can send "The E" next coming Monday for her son and hope he will like it.

I made it from the same material as the cat pillow. I only did blanket stitching on the bottom part to represent The E's legs and to attach the ear to it's head. I filled it with that synthetic cotton and stitched a braided blue wool thread as the tail. This time, my pillow has an open eye, only one eye hihihih ... another part of it is plain without eye and ear.

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