Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Piggy Doll

I've finished my stuffed-doll two weeks a go but only got a time to upload the picture and story behind it now, since it's still a new blog also :)

I've told so many times that I love dolls, maybe because I hardly had it when I was a kid :( Well, I visited my favorite link that belongs to Martha Steward and *wink wink* printed the pattern and stitched it.

The size is not as big as you seen in the picture. It's width is only 13 inch and 9 inch in height. I still used the same material I used for my elephant and cat doll , as I said I have several yards of it that a friend bought for me in a cheap price. But for sure, I am so proud of it, never thought that I could make a piggy doll...what a progress for me, maybe my Mom and Grandmom will be shocked if I show them the doll itself :D Check out the piggy with it's several poses :


  1. LOve your piggy doll..:D so live..

  2. I love this soooooooo much, I have a real pig named Roesy who is just the best pet I ever had, drop by my blog if you want to see her,. I will have to try and make one like yours, but yours is from Glenda

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