Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nursing Cover

I really love to see a mother who breastfeeds her baby. They look like a goddess for me, full of love, willing to give everything for the baby, and so beautiful. But, I don't really enjoy to see a mother who breastfeeds her baby at public places without any attempt to cover her beautiful breasts. Why should they show off their breasts now? Why not before? hihihih...That kind of view irritates me.

That's why the idea of a nursing cover is a smart idea for me. You can easily cover your breasts and still able to have eye-contact while breastfeeding your baby. I tried to imagine how to make it confirmed myself by searching in google for the right way to do it. And, I found it here, she made the exact nursing cover I want to make.

For sure I planned to give it for a friend who is enjoying become a newly mom. And I was so happy that she found the nursing cover was so helpful when she travelled with the baby and had to give breastfeeding at public places.


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