Thursday, February 25, 2010

Owl on my Cushion Cover

Being so excited with my fabric paint, I smurfed my blank cushion covers that were planned for different stitching project into hand painted one.  Wonder what cute animal I might draw there, I finally drew an owl on each of them.  I googled "owl" as the keyword on google image and found two cute owls.  Then instead of drawing the serious color of owl, I tried to encourage myself to sketch a colorful one.  I drew the first sketch for the creme cushion cover on my drawing book using my wax crayons ( huhuhu I want to finish them a.s.a.p so that I have a good reason to buy the oil one ).  The next sketch I tried to visualize it on photoshop with a hope that it would be easier to get the perfect color. 

But unfortunately the orange casement fabric unable to absorb the yellow color :(  So I had to changed into black & white owl, which my friends prefer than the other one :D  Yipee! here's my second adventure with fabric paint, don't think will give it up soon ;)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ben10's Effect

The next day I've finished the Ben10 doll for Phiphi's sons, I got a set of fabric paint yipeeee!  My hubby went home with a plastic bag of Landmark (a local bookstore) and he said,"Don't cry for what I have for you inside." Hahahah...he knows me well, I was so happy and couldn't wait to do the creative things with the fabric paint he bought for me. 

But wait....I want fabric pen too, was thinking to use it to make an outline for the picture I made.  Look what I got finally from Hobby Ideas, a craft store I love to visit just to drool for things I want to smurf.  I bought stencil too :D Actually I prefer to draw things by myself but a dear friend convinced me by saying, "Sometimes if the stencil is good, why don't you buy it."  So, I chose two stencils of cute hummingbird and pretty butterfly ;) Another stencil is a bonus from the set of fabric paint :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Upcycled Jeans

It's a continued story of old jeans project being upcycled into new one ;)  I finished the boxy and wrislet purses more than two weeks ago but so lazy to take the pictures...huhh bother!  My hubby was out of town so what else should I do, didn't need to cook much so I ended up in front of my PC and sewing machine.

My dear friend made her boxy pouch before and show it off to me and it challenged me to make one too.  But instead of using interface and for the sake of practicing how to stitch a zipper, I used the old jeans.  I was thinking if it failed nothing to lose heheheh...*stingy mode on*.  I got the tute from this blog.  It's so easy to follow and you can see the result below.  Trying to have my touch on it, I cut the middle part of fabric into heart shape and put red/white stripes fabric then did running stitch with white thread.

It's easy to dare me, once I want to do something than I will try my best to make or finish it.  Finished with the boxy one, I continued with the wrislet.  This time I don't have any tute.  I used the cuff of the jeans as the handle to be hassle free from stitching the thick jeans - broke two needles for this wrislet project :(   Then again I cut the jeans to make several flower petals and did running stitch on it with red thread.  For the anther I stitched red beads on it.  I sew two pockets inside it, one for my Ipod another for my cellphone.  Check out their pics.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ben10 plush challenge

My online dear friend :D who's my masterji in crafting and sewing said that her two little boys loves Ben10 cartoon very much.  She wanted me to make a Ben10 doll for them, she explained and showed a simple painted doll from a magazine and begged me to make for the boys.  She said I am good in making that kind of craft *ohhh nooo my head is getting bigger*. 

I started googling Ben10 image and found a good one.  I bought fabric paint and mistakenly my hubby chose the silk paint one :(  Honestly, it's my first time I am playing around with fabric paint that's why I didn't know which one I should have bought.  I was so unhappy with the result because the media is a poplin fabric and using the silk paint is a little bit complicated.  Again, I went to a hobby and craft shop nearby and bought only the basic color for Ben10. 

I made the pattern of Ben10's body outline on a carton board (I always keep the cartoon of cookies that I bought to make pattern).  Then, I started coloring every inch of the Ben10 on the fabric, cut them, stitched, put the dacron fibre as the filling and voila ...

Hope that Rizqi and his brother, Raihan, are happy to play and have a soft and unpainful war while everyonepretending to be Ben10.  I think your hard work is nothing and you'll feel satisfied if you make something and people who receive it so happy to have it.  Here's Rizqi's expression while holding his Ben10, he chose the dark green one ;)   So do you think he's happy with the Ben10?  Or maybe he's still hoping that his mom will buy the real doll at the toy shop :D

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Joined Animal Plush Swap on

This was my second swap and I joined, Animal Plush Swap Newbie & International Friendly. So it was my first swap with and I love to make plush and here is the doll I made for my partner, Jeri, who's living in Texas, USA. She said she would like to have a monster, a giraffe, a dragon or an alligator. So I decided to make a dragon as a new challenge. It was difficult to get the dragon doll pattern like in children book but luckily I got a pattern of suffolk wyvern dragon. I used the head pattern only with a little bit modification here and there and shape the body like a dinosaur's, and here's the result:

Jeri rated me 5 hearts (that's the best rate yeehaw!) and here's her comment:

"You sent me some wonderful items! The workmanship on the dragon is very professional and I love the earrings. A super swap!" Thanks, Jeri

I was so delighted to know that she got my dragon doll and she loves it. I put extra gift for her since she loves dangling earrings, I got Indian style one for her.

What I am afraid now is that I might be addicted to do swapping heheheh.
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