Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ben10's Effect

The next day I've finished the Ben10 doll for Phiphi's sons, I got a set of fabric paint yipeeee!  My hubby went home with a plastic bag of Landmark (a local bookstore) and he said,"Don't cry for what I have for you inside." Hahahah...he knows me well, I was so happy and couldn't wait to do the creative things with the fabric paint he bought for me. 

But wait....I want fabric pen too, was thinking to use it to make an outline for the picture I made.  Look what I got finally from Hobby Ideas, a craft store I love to visit just to drool for things I want to smurf.  I bought stencil too :D Actually I prefer to draw things by myself but a dear friend convinced me by saying, "Sometimes if the stencil is good, why don't you buy it."  So, I chose two stencils of cute hummingbird and pretty butterfly ;) Another stencil is a bonus from the set of fabric paint :)


  1. I too prefer your own drawing..somehow it's cuter ;)

  2. thank you Phi2...btw I bought it also because of the stencils are made in know what I meant ;)

  3. I love getting new supplies to play with. :-D

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