Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Joined Animal Plush Swap on

This was my second swap and I joined, Animal Plush Swap Newbie & International Friendly. So it was my first swap with and I love to make plush and here is the doll I made for my partner, Jeri, who's living in Texas, USA. She said she would like to have a monster, a giraffe, a dragon or an alligator. So I decided to make a dragon as a new challenge. It was difficult to get the dragon doll pattern like in children book but luckily I got a pattern of suffolk wyvern dragon. I used the head pattern only with a little bit modification here and there and shape the body like a dinosaur's, and here's the result:

Jeri rated me 5 hearts (that's the best rate yeehaw!) and here's her comment:

"You sent me some wonderful items! The workmanship on the dragon is very professional and I love the earrings. A super swap!" Thanks, Jeri

I was so delighted to know that she got my dragon doll and she loves it. I put extra gift for her since she loves dangling earrings, I got Indian style one for her.

What I am afraid now is that I might be addicted to do swapping heheheh.


  1. You would not be the first one addicted to swapping! Haha. Your dragon is super cute! This is TheMuseFactory from swap-bot. My best friend is in love with Indian culture, if you'd ever be interested in an Indian/American swap I'd love to do that. My best friend would faint from the excitement!

  2. Your dragon is amazing. So cute. I'm here from Swap-bot and am looking forward to looking at your blog more.

  3. (This is beth619 popping in from Swap-Bot... and I am also now addicted to swapping!)
    Oh, how cute! I wish I could make a plush of any kind, but I am just not that talented (nor am I that patient). Now I need to figure out how to convince you to create another one for my baby boy! Of course, my 7-year old daughter would want one, too.
    Do you have an Etsy store? Can I buy some dragons from you!?!? ;)

  4. hello, this is Stacy (luvystacy) from swap bot and now officially following your blog, Oh my I love what you made...I don't think I could ever do super cute and cool. TFS! :D


  5. Hi, this is EmilyEliseBee from swap bot! I love love love your dragon. I wish I had crafting skills. I hope to swap more with you in future!

  6. Hi! This is Gwen (lolita) from swap-bot. Oh! Your dragon plush is so adorable!! :D I wish I could make something as cool as that. I tried many times to make a plush but failed. haha

  7. Oh my goodness, I think that's the cutest plush I've ever seen! I took a quick look through some of your other things and you have an amazing talent! I'm looking forward to following your blog. I'm Tinkergirl from Swapbot.

  8. Hi Agnesdy,

    NO worry about getting this addiction (except for me the high cost of stamps/mails!)... it just is irresistible... fr a break, let's swap "follows"!

    I've tried stuffing but never really had success except some small hearts!

    GP from swapbot

  9. Hey there! It's timaro from swapbot, just letting you know I'm following you now! :D

  10. Thanks everyone for following my blog and I am following each of you in return. I will spend sometimes soon to visit and dig your blog more. This swap really encourage me to spend more time updating my blog. Keep on blogging girls!

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