Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Upcycled Jeans

It's a continued story of old jeans project being upcycled into new one ;)  I finished the boxy and wrislet purses more than two weeks ago but so lazy to take the pictures...huhh bother!  My hubby was out of town so what else should I do, didn't need to cook much so I ended up in front of my PC and sewing machine.

My dear friend made her boxy pouch before and show it off to me and it challenged me to make one too.  But instead of using interface and for the sake of practicing how to stitch a zipper, I used the old jeans.  I was thinking if it failed nothing to lose heheheh...*stingy mode on*.  I got the tute from this blog.  It's so easy to follow and you can see the result below.  Trying to have my touch on it, I cut the middle part of fabric into heart shape and put red/white stripes fabric then did running stitch with white thread.

It's easy to dare me, once I want to do something than I will try my best to make or finish it.  Finished with the boxy one, I continued with the wrislet.  This time I don't have any tute.  I used the cuff of the jeans as the handle to be hassle free from stitching the thick jeans - broke two needles for this wrislet project :(   Then again I cut the jeans to make several flower petals and did running stitch on it with red thread.  For the anther I stitched red beads on it.  I sew two pockets inside it, one for my Ipod another for my cellphone.  Check out their pics.


  1. Now I'm thinking whose jeans I can cut off..Love the boxy purse with the heart ;). The stripy red fabric is cute one too..

  2. can make with your hubby's corduroy =)) Thanks always ;)

  3. These are cute. My daughters are always growing out of their jeans...

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