Thursday, February 16, 2012

trying the new FMQ foot

Yeehaw!..I got the new foot for my sewing FMQ foot... After waiting too long for my hubby to take me to Singer's dealer shop, as usual :p a dear craft lover offered me a quilting foot ;)  The foot is available near her home, and she also needs one...thank you darl!

I got it last week and got the time to give a try today...I learned about how to practice last year :D ... I got the "how to" from this blog, you know, we have to try practicing with a pencil on a piece of paper to get the feeling once we try to do the FMQ with the machine.  This is my first trial...take a look, I can say, "It's not as frightening as I imagined before".

But still...I have to keep on practicing ... and cannot wait to try that free quilting design for me IMQG's February Challenge ... See you soon ;)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine Day

Hi all...

Only for you who wants to celebrate love in this special day...but that doesn't meant we only love our partner, our friends, our family on this day, right?  Let's celebrate love every day :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Joined the giveaway ;)

I joined the Lily's Quilts giveaway and I wish I have my luck to win Colourbox of Oakshott shot cottons
So if you want to try your luck, why don't you just visit her blog and join me :) ... yeahhh click the below link:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Water Gallon Cover

It was an order from a friend, long time back, but just remembered I haven't posted it.  I tried to make it with an Indian touch.  Not so happy with the sewing but for sure I took the picture from the right angle.  I love the elephant as always, I drew it and put the leaves around.  I did reverse applique and it was my first attempt, then did running stitch around the appliques.  Just take a look.

Now, you can see the leaves :)

Happy sewing :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Casserole Carriers

I've sewn three casserole carriers. Actually, they were orders from a dear friend a week before I went to Indonesia. I finished one, but unable to finish the other two. I thought I could do it there in my hometown but nothing much I could do :(  Today, I've kept my promise to finish what I have to

The first casserole carrier I managed to make before Indonesia visit
I got the tutorial from One Yard Wonder book :)  and a sample of the similar type of carrier that belongs to a friend of mine.

This is the second one, I got the dowel from local market in Surabaya. You can click here for the .pdf file of its tutorial.  I made a little bit of changes here.  I made a hole on each side of the dowel holders so we can remove the dowel easily any time we want to wash the cover :) 

The last one is a bonus :) very simple and fast to make.  No tutorial I follow for making this one, but the idea I got from

The good news is those three casserole carriers are reversible ;)
I am so relieved to be able to finish this project.  What I've learned from this project:

Keep your focus so you will be able to finish any project on time!

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