Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Casserole Carriers

I've sewn three casserole carriers. Actually, they were orders from a dear friend a week before I went to Indonesia. I finished one, but unable to finish the other two. I thought I could do it there in my hometown but nothing much I could do :(  Today, I've kept my promise to finish what I have to

The first casserole carrier I managed to make before Indonesia visit
I got the tutorial from One Yard Wonder book :)  and a sample of the similar type of carrier that belongs to a friend of mine.

This is the second one, I got the dowel from local market in Surabaya. You can click here for the .pdf file of its tutorial.  I made a little bit of changes here.  I made a hole on each side of the dowel holders so we can remove the dowel easily any time we want to wash the cover :) 

The last one is a bonus :) very simple and fast to make.  No tutorial I follow for making this one, but the idea I got from

The good news is those three casserole carriers are reversible ;)
I am so relieved to be able to finish this project.  What I've learned from this project:

Keep your focus so you will be able to finish any project on time!


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