Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Joining a Sewing Class

It’s been more than a week since I’ve joined a sewing class with Wulan, a friend of mine. We’ve been searching for sewing class to join with but any classes we found were just too far from our home. Then one day, Wulan’s hubby saw the sign board about sewing class at the opposite of traditional market a mile from our house, he told us to go there and check. We’re so excited and went there to figure out that the class is conducted in Hindi language so the teacher was afraid we couldn’t catch up the class. Luckily there’s one girl who can speak English, who’s a student there, she became the translator during the admission. Then, Wulan assured the teacher that she can understand Hindi well enough to follow the class and I said I just need to know how to do it and maybe it gives me an exposure to learn Hindi language :)

The sewing class monthly fee is so cheap that when the teacher mentioned it made my jaw almost dropped :p I told my hubby about it and he said,”Mostly the class is funded by an NGO so just enjoy the benefit and learn something from there".

The course place is close, it’s cheap, I have a chance to learn Hindi, the teacher is so patient and sweet, and the girls there are so nice.  Well, lucky us :) 

Oh yeah, our first project is baby’s stuffs, and we’ve stitched a frock, a panty, and a bonnet in the first week. I will post the pictures soon and update my blog with other good news from our sewing class :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

I joined Modish Vintage Giveaway

I joined Modish Vintage Giveaway.  A vintage giveaway for the 2nd year having shop at
She's going to giveaway six beautiful vintage fabrics, a cool round vintage tin, and a candlestick...ooohh and $20 gift certificate ... Check her blog and join me for a chance to win it ;)
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