Monday, October 1, 2012

Getting Pregnant and Sew Again

Yes I am pregnant for 21 weeks as for today :)  So so so happy and excited for sure :)
That announcement explains why I didn't do any sewing or updating my blog.  The first trimester I was totally a lazy bump, not interested at all with sewing :D  Entering the fourth month, like a magic, I gained my spirit again.  

I joined the Quilt Along with the tutorial from Amalie at Desi Quilters and made two balls...Yep they will be the first toys for my baby later on ^,^  Both of them are hand stitched :)  Check them out!

Then...there's September Challenge at DQ as well and I hop in once again...I think my baby will be creative? hahahah...God bless him/her :) 

The rule is to make a wholequilt with a size no less then 18"x24".  So I decided to make a table runner with 18"x44" size.  I got the embroidery design from this page, it's free of course :)

Here's the list of my frown and happy face during the making:
  • I found that my basic automatic Singer 8280 sewing machine cannot do the free motion quilt and embroidery, since the 'feed dog' cannot be dropped down by default :(
  • So...I have to hand embroidery the flowers :)
  • I chose the wrong color for the embroidery :(  why didn't I opt for white? 
  • My MIL will love it and she can use it for Advent weeks before Christmas, that uses purple as its liturgical color :) 
  • I joined the DQ Challenge finally :) 
Now please check the close-up photo of the flower basket embroidery :)

See you soon with my pending posts :) ...
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