Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ben10 plush challenge

My online dear friend :D who's my masterji in crafting and sewing said that her two little boys loves Ben10 cartoon very much.  She wanted me to make a Ben10 doll for them, she explained and showed a simple painted doll from a magazine and begged me to make for the boys.  She said I am good in making that kind of craft *ohhh nooo my head is getting bigger*. 

I started googling Ben10 image and found a good one.  I bought fabric paint and mistakenly my hubby chose the silk paint one :(  Honestly, it's my first time I am playing around with fabric paint that's why I didn't know which one I should have bought.  I was so unhappy with the result because the media is a poplin fabric and using the silk paint is a little bit complicated.  Again, I went to a hobby and craft shop nearby and bought only the basic color for Ben10. 

I made the pattern of Ben10's body outline on a carton board (I always keep the cartoon of cookies that I bought to make pattern).  Then, I started coloring every inch of the Ben10 on the fabric, cut them, stitched, put the dacron fibre as the filling and voila ...

Hope that Rizqi and his brother, Raihan, are happy to play and have a soft and unpainful war while everyonepretending to be Ben10.  I think your hard work is nothing and you'll feel satisfied if you make something and people who receive it so happy to have it.  Here's Rizqi's expression while holding his Ben10, he chose the dark green one ;)   So do you think he's happy with the Ben10?  Or maybe he's still hoping that his mom will buy the real doll at the toy shop :D


  1. they are very happy indeed..even Raihan started talking to him (ben10) in a Mr.Bean's way..LOL

  2. @ Michelle: Thanks a bunch :)
    @ Phiphi: so happy to know that they're really enjoy playing with it ;)

  3. Ben10 is my daughters favorite cartoon. Your version of the doll is SOOOO much better than anything you can buy. That is a very happy boy in the picture. It doesn't get any better than seeing someone with one of your handmade gifts smiling like this. :-)

  4. @jana: Hi Jana, thanks for the sweet compliments :) Yes, you're right, it makes us happy to see someone really appreciate our handmade :)

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