Friday, August 21, 2009

My first Doll and Kaka

I saw a doll in the Korean Kindergarten in Surabaya, I was working as a teacher there. At that time I don't know exactly what doll type was that. For me it was just so cute since it was carefully handmade with woolen hair and cute clothing, a girly one.

Then, I reached Mumbai again, and my curiousity drove me to search for the doll name, and it's a waldorf doll. I searched the tutorial and found it at Simmy's blog and started created my own stuf from scratches, and here she is : The first comment came from my sister in Indonesia, she asked me to send one for her daughter, Tiza. But for me the first doll is far from perfect, I promised will send her one soon I can make the best one for her.

Then, I tried to make another one with better technique and Chaya loved it so much and took it home to Chennai with her, she even gave a name, Kaka for this doll. A friend said that this doll reminds her of Symonds, the Australian cricketer ... LOL but she is a girl type of Symonds, don't you think? I think she's better than the previous one, but I still have to practice more to get the perfect one.


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