Friday, November 13, 2009

Apron and Hat for Chef Tiza

Finally I able to finish my another project, huuuhhh so tired :D...even I don't have any idea now what to write about this apron and chef hat for Tiza, my niece. To make it short, I just used my imagination to make this apron and chef hat, no pattern that I peek from somebody's else project. For sure, it was really a trial and error but I am so satisfied with my work. For the neck tie, I used a little bit elastic just to make sure it will fit to Tiza's neck and velcro to button it, so she can help herself when wearing it.
Aren't God great that He bless us with this brain better than any other animals ;) Even I stitched Tiza's name on the hat...OMG I am so happy, it's really my masterpiece :D *arrogant mode On* hehhehe. Oh ya I used interfacing paper to make the hat stiff, what do you think? Not bad at all right for a beginner? :D
Below is close up of the apron's pocket, just try to be simple by making yo-yo flowers, since the main fabric has colorful pattern of polkadots :)
The last picture is the inside and behind part of the hat. I also used elastic since I used standart head size for 3 years-old girl, 18", but in case it's not big enough, the elastic will help :)

Now, I can't wait to see her wear them and helping her mommy making cookies and bread for her customers :)


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