Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yoga Mat Drawstring Bag

Got the idea from, one of the seller there sells yoga mat drawstring bag. For sure two days ago, I've started enjoying my time with my new sweetheart, a Singer sewing machine :) It's not the sophisticated one but I believe I still can kick my leg to keep being creative.

This yoga mat bag is my second creative work (I'll post my first one later on). Actually I just wanted to use the leftover fabric given by my MasterJi hihihih and another fabric I bought with a dear friend.

I checked this site to guide me how to make it. I used a kitchen bowl that's 15cm in diameter as the round bottom :D I asked another dear friend to calculate the circumference heheheh the pattern occupied my brain too much, just didn't want to add more. I told her if she refused to do the calculation, I won't help her with her FarmVille huahahahah. So here's the result ;)


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