Saturday, November 7, 2009

Peasant Dress for Tiza

Finally I able to finish my dream project, a real peasant dress! After practising to make one for my doll ;) This time, the dress I made for my beautiful and cute niece, Tiza, thinking to send it to her with an apron and a doll specially made by Agnes aunty :)

I got the pattern from Teresa Brady's site, who generously shares the tutorial, thanks Tes! I modified it here and there, I made the arm longer and the dress in an "A" shape. I still found some defects on the dress :( but my MasterJi gave me two thumbs up as a beginner :D She told me to cut the bottom part of the dress a little bit curve instead of straight so the result won't be the sharp at the edge, thanks Sis! I will remember that for my next project, let's see whether Tiza will be comfortable enough wearing it or not *praying mode On* :D Oh yeahh, this is my first creative work together with my sewing machine ;)


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