Friday, December 24, 2010

handmade on them

I think I have to show off my niece and nephew photos when they wearing my handmade.
These are Tiza and Jascha in their apron, well forget about the size, I was a real amateur even didn't call home for their size heheheh ... what an aunty :D but they love it and now always willing to help their moms to cook just for the sake of wearing the apron and chef hat. 

Below is Tiza wearing my first peasant blouse, it fits her perfectly.

Tiza again, she's wearing my first properly stitched dress when I joined a month sewing course nearby my home ;)

Then, it's Jascha, he's wearing his PJ ... well I sewed this PJ because my online tutor heheh I meant friend, Phiphi kept on asking me to try sewing one ;) well not bad I think.

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