Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fabric Origami on Cushion Cover

I bought the fabrics from local supermarket.  Well, I won't say a fabric, because this shop sometimes sells cut & piece of Bombay Dyeing fabric in a form of big pillow cover.  So, if I open the stitches up it will be a yard fabric :p The fabric is so beautiful even I have to think twice sometimes to cut it off heheheh stingy mode on :D

But this time since I got a flower origami book of a Japanese designer, Kumiko Sudo, I happily cut the fabrics.  It's just a simple origami like what we did in kindergarten, that I still love to do until now but this time you have to use a fabric.  I made stem and leave appliques and blind stitched it carefully.  Really love to do it and want to do more soon.  Here's the picture. 

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