Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's the last but not the last's my last project of 2010 but not the last for sure for there are more and more ideas will flow in 2011...

A sweet friend interested with aprons I sewed for my niece and nephew.  She wanted two sets of apron and the hat chef for her two cute daughters, Tiffany and Cindy.  These two little girls love those Disney princesses and for sure like other girls, they love pink color.  I chose this pink fabric for both of them and tried to combined with different appliques and apron designs.  Thus, I have two different styles of apron.  Check them out....

Here's for Tiffany, really love the cupcake with its colorful sequins detail as the sweet sprinkles.

This one is for Cindy, simple but really cute watermelon with black seed that matches the black chain embroidery for the name on the hat.

I sent it yesterday and hope will reach them today, and really really hope the aprons will fit them and they love to wear it while helping their mom.  Oh yeah, this dear friend is a real cook, she loves to cook and she really can cook ;)

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