Thursday, January 21, 2010

My First Swap

It's been quite sometimes I never update my blog though actually I had some stuffs done before.

Well, I joined a swap conducted by my Masterji :D at her blog and it was my first swap. The swap name is "Celebrate Your Friendship", so I have a new friend now :)

I got these two beautiful things from mbak Wawan, a muffler and a bead pouch. She's my swap partner, who's living in Kalimantan, Indonesia. I love the muffler's color, soft colors that will match with any sweater. The bead pouch is a tribal design, Dayak design! She said it's a b'day gift for me, what a sweet thought! Thanks a lot for the swap mbak! Hope we can do again next time! For sure she's very good swap partner, if you want a crocheting swap, do it with her! Oh ya, I will take a pic of me with the muffler around my neck and upload it here :) very soon, I promise!

And I made this Knitting Tools Organizer for her. She's an expert in crocheting and eager to learn knitting, so I thought a knitting tools organizer would be a great swap for her. The picture is not that great because I had to take it with my mobile phone. She said she like it though a little bit confuse what to do with it before :D


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