Friday, May 27, 2011

Getting closer to patchwork ;)

Yeehaw!! My hubby's friend was about to return to Mumbai from L.A and he asked my hubby what he wanted to get from there.  "Would you please ask him to get me a rotary cutter and its blade, and a quilting ruler?" I asked my hubby.  Yes! A week after that, I got my "dream stuffs", and I got two rotary cutters, one is for Wulan, she also wants it badly :) 

Let me show you what I got ;)  Ohhh but don't smirk at my cutting mat :D ... I bought it last year from Daiso, a Japanese shop in my hometown, it sells only Japanese stuffs that cost you $2 for any product you pick ;) That's why it's small, but it's helpful now you know what's my next target is :D a proper cutting mat ;)

Cannot wait for my pieced work project, I did once before when I made my sewing maching cover, cutting was really hard work, I think with the cutter, ruler and mat, it will be easier ;)


  1. Hey Agnes. :) Congratulations on your goodies!!! I hope you find a large cutting mat soon. Mumbai has got to have something tucked away somewhere.

  2. Thanks Carol...just back from nearby market, entering each stationery shops and still got no clue...really hope can find one soon :)

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