Monday, May 30, 2011

Embroidered Strawbery Shortcake

Yep, as I told you before I am in love with embroidery...This time I've done Strawberry Shortcake embroidery. The idea I got from this blog, I was searching for strawberry as the keyword and found that blog.  It's so interesting, she made an apron with that character.  But, since I've smurfed several aprons before, I was thinking to use the embroidery into something else.  A tote bag would be great, since I have two nieces there who will love to carry it around :)

I made two Strawberry Shortcake embroideries one is the old version of the character another one is the makeover version.  This time, I just want to share the makeover version, since I haven't finished sewing the bag of the old version one :)

I really love the experience during the embroidery process.  A fellow crafter suggested to use a binding with the same fabric as the back side of the bag (pink polka dots) to frame the embroidery, check her tutorial of how to do it nicely.  Using that method now the embroidery part can be used as a pocket.  Oh yeah, this time I quilted the bag ;) it's another achievement for me heheheh...

See you at my next smurfing project ;)


  1. On the top of your blog you have a "Strawberry Shortcake" embroider design. Where can I buy it?

  2. No, I didn't buy it, I googled it and printed it...

  3. Nice bag..I'm also from Mumbai, just wanted to know if you use batting when you quilt the bag(coz mine didnt stand well without batting :( ) If so,can you pls tell me where you find Quilt batting around Mumbai??

    1. Hi thank you Janaki for stopping by...I didn't use quilt batting and so far nobody can find a quilt batting yet in Mumbai :( ... I used sponge and flannel fabric (like those for baby's napkin) to substitute the batting. Btw, if you love to do quilting why don't you join India Modern Quilt Guild on Facebook and Desi Quilters on Facebook as well, you can check the blogs as well. Or visit their blog for the info, and :)

    2. Thank you for your reply and the referral.Hav joined both the blogs n fb page :) Also If you dont mind,could you please share a picture of how you use both sponge n flannel as batting.I dont get the correct sense of it.I'm terribly looking for options to try my first quilt for my Kid's bday by the end of Aug.Sorry if I bother you much :)

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