Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I smurfed the banner ;)

What I like most of India is the people don't hunt or put the birds in a cage, you can find peacocks, eagles, parrots fly happily even in big and crowded city like Mumbai, so imagine if you're in rural area, it's heaven!  While in my home country people love to have beautiful birds or singing birds in a cage in the verandah of their house.  They tought having the singing birds is like a prestige and having better taste of luxury :( ... Well well, enough complaining Agnes!

I love this picture...My hubby took it but because it was too far the result is not that great.  However, I still like it because of the black and white robin, a beautiful creature.  One of the beautiful birds that fly around the my in-laws house that become one of the reasons for me to wake up early and salute the mother earth for her blessing :)
Look at the picture, I've been kept it in my blog folder in my PC for weeks to smurf it into a blog banner.   But the picture is not that sharp :(  I tried to edit here and there but still unhappy with the result.  So I sharpened the image of the robin and the twigs and changed the background into white and you can see the result above... Well you may like it, you may not, of course because we have different explanation and experience of good things :)  Wait for the next robin image, you might won't see him black and white anymore!


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