Monday, March 1, 2010

What I've smurfed in the past

Well, below are craft I made when I had to content myself being alone in the daytime or while my hubby had to travel out of town.  Get used to be so active working before and suddenly have to be a full housewife in foreign country forces me to be more creative and not being restless in my idle times.  Actually some of them I made long time back but had no time to upload the pics and story on this blog, so I put all of them together to make the story short ;)

Sarubobo, isn't it cute?  faceless but from the way we put the body make it more expressive than any doll heheheh... I am crazy about it, thanks for the Japanese lady who's very creative for sharing the tutorial.  I wanted to make it for a talented friend, who said she dosn't have a proper pin cushion, and it's so funny in my ears since she's crazy about crafting heheheh... So since she had her b'day as well in February, so I tried to make one with my green patchwork fabric, not that perfect and decided to use it for my own pin cushion.  Then confident enough, I made another one with better details by putting cloth and hat on it. 

I made this ball for the little princess of my dear friend,  last February the next day after I finished and sent the sarubobo to my friend.  I didn't know the idea was just pop-up into my mind and I searched the exact tutorial for it.  She agreed and so interested with the ball and gave me some cut & piece of blue and pink flowery fabric to be combined with the blue polka-dot and red stripe one I had already.  To make the ball more interesting, I put some mini bells inside, but they don't ring loud enough :( 
This purse I made for my niece from my hubby's side who's living in Kerala.  It's still far from perfect since I made it in a hurry while packing my suitcase before we went home to Kerala last December.  However, she was so happy and put some coins and notes of Rs.10 inside whenever she's going to church.  She said, "Now, I can be like Amma (mother), opening my purse and give some donation for church."

I made this Mother Mary with baby Jesus purposefully as a Christmas gift 2007 for my dearest mother-in-law. I bought a set of cross stitch kits set from my hometown in Surabaya, Indonesia.  I was planing to do it when I had to stay at home at that time.  But for one or another reason, I had to back to Indonesia only after a month landed to Mumbai :(  So I brought it back again and continued the stitching at home.  It took almost 5 months to finish it since I had to work also in the morning at that time.  Once I finished it I sent it through post to my hubby.  But he prefer we keep it until we both can go home together to Kerala.  Thus, it became a super belated Christmas gift and was put on the wall of my in-laws house last 2010 Christmas holiday :D  Check it out, it has 50x40 cm size and my father-in-law delightfully put it on the wall where they usually face for praying time.  I am now thinking to make a cross stitch design of Sacred Heart Jesus for the next Christmas gift :)  


  1. Oh yes..the sarubobo is cute and now cutely sitting in my sewing table..thanks a ton:). And what a xstitching you've done!! It's marvelous. I will never ever finish such a big xstitch project, let alone the small one. The only one xstitch project I ever finished is a baby duck & teddy bear of 5 x 5 inches..LOL...I guess you should do more of it:D and quit the farming things...hahaha we both should quit actually..:D

  2. Thank you for the many compliments :) About xstitching? Well I dunno since I have a sewing machine that's more fun for me than counting the xstitch :)) but I will try to make that Jesus one for my MIL, you know right what I meant? hihihih...Farming? Ummm take time to stop the addiction honey :))

  3. You have made so many wonderful crafts. I love the ball a lots, even my hubby gives more compliments for it!

    The purse is soooo cute.. Adorable!!

    well, It's never crossed in my mind to make xstitch project, I am not that kind of people with a lots of patients to do this things....LOL

    Happy Crafting Dear..^_^

  4. Thank you Jeng Wulan ... the purse? actually it's not fotogenic :D wakkaka in reality it looks better :D ... Forget about xstitch, it drives me mad :(

  5. Your work is wonderful. I love the little purse you made for your niece. She is so cute to want to be like her mama. The Mary and Jesus you stitched is fantastic. WOW.

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