Thursday, May 6, 2010

Upcycling for Earth Day :D

Celebrating Earth Day?  It's late a little bit maybe but I will say, why not?  You can do it everyday too if you want too :)  Well, I really love to upcycling things, before my hubby laughed at me for doing that, some friends thought I am stingy to spend money to buy proper items for my house.  Since we're still living in a rent house, I don't see any points to spend too much for home accessories :D stingy? Maybe!  Give respect for mother earth? Maybe! Hehehhe....

If you see around my house, I cut a used mineral bottle to keep some pencils.  I cover a fan carton box with a table cloth and use it as a small table.  I broke the mug's handle and glued it again and now I reuse it to keep the toothbrushes.

And I don't stop there, since I have my sewing machine, I've started upcycling old clothes, t-shirt into a doll, jeans into some pouches :)  Today, I have a new peasant blouse out of my hubby's old shirt :)  I made a little bit mistake because I forgot that the shirt got a pocket.  When I realized I had cut it out :(   If I removed the pocket, it won't be good, the fabric behind the pocket will be darker than the other part of the cloth (a dear friend said).  So I chose to keep it and I stitch the pocket so if only if you really look at it closely, you will find out that there's a pocket there.


  1. hey, it's great and it looks good on you..:) yay to upcycling.:D

  2. It's so lovely. and perfect for summer in Mumbai.. XOXO

  3. @Phi2: hahahah yay to rombeng :D do u know it looks good on me? I cut my own head in the picture...anyway thanks for the comment :)
    @Wulan: hihihih thank u, still dreaming the bright color cut&piece fabric from that wholesale shop :D

  4. Wonderful job of upcycling. Pretty shirt too.

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