Monday, January 3, 2011

Fany & Cindy in aprons set

Here's the pics of Fany and Cindy in aprons and chef hat.  I've put the pics of apron only on the previous post.  After asked permission from Vera, their mom, now I upload their pics in my blog.  Vera said they were so happy with the apron and couldn't wait to wear it.  At the first day, they took the flour and started to make a dough, mommy of course couldn't say no :)
Then, Fany wanted to make pizza on the next day.  I am so happy that they love to wear it.  It seems they're going to be Vera's kitchen's next masterchefs ;)


  1. Simply beautiful...very well done!!!..I really love the appliqués esp. the watermelon one. And the chef head it really GREAT!!!!...

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