Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Can't Live Without Books

"I Can't Live Without Books!" .... Yes! It's the famous quote from Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers and the third president of USA.

I was thinking to make a birthday gift for anyone who loves to read books, all kind of books, I would say.  Digging my creativity, I chose an owl as we all know this bird represents wisdom, art and an owl reading a book will be a cool idea with Thomas Jefferson's quote at the right side!  I drew the owl on a paper and made it as a pattern to cut the fabric.  A combination of blue and yellow fabric for the owl and quilting around it would be great.

Actually, I planned to make a pillow cover out of it...and it was a pillow cover just ready to have final stitching, but my husband protested, "I thought you gonna make a wall hanging art, stop stitching!"  Hurriedly, he took off a painting out of its frame and put the sewn owl on it...and voila! check it out!  It's now become an art!

The eliminated painting is now kept for a while until we buy another frame for it :) anyway my hubby didn't really like it, it's an abstract and too abstract without any meaning on it :D   Well, now it's hanging there above my bookshelf, and I really have to make another one to be kept for a birthday gift later on ;)


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