Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bunting Flag for Keya

Another bunting flag...but this one for Baby hubby's friend's daughter, she's around 6 months old and I've never seen her :(   But, I believe she's cute and beautiful like all Indian babies :)

First bunting flag I made was for baby Willy, a dear friend's handsome baby boy :)  I made a triangle shaped one for Willy.  Now as a change, I did a little bit experiments by changing the shape into curve one.  My gender thought kept on suggesting that triangle works for boys while curve will be look more girly heheh...

I chose pink fabric for sure, as all mommies will prefer pink for their little girl.  Oh yeah, I checked here that Keya means Asian Flower and it's an Indian origin name, a beautiful name for a beautiful girl :)  So, flower will be perfect as the applique that I put before the name and a butterfly in the end of the row.  This time, I decided to use bias tape to hold the name, well take a look!

See you at my next posting :) ...


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