Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bunting Flag for Baby Willy

Yep...finally I made a bunting flag...really love this stuff, I am thinking it will be beautiful to hang it at your baby's room's wall above the crib...was so excited to make it when a friend of mine, Vera, said her baby's nickname is WILLY...cute name for a handsome baby boy :)  So, I sewn that bunting flag to welcome the newborn Willy.  To make it easy, I use felt fabric for applique.  I think a car and a plane represent boy's character.  Really hope Willy's mommy will like it :)


  1. love it!!! and I'm patiently waiting for the other one..;)

  2. really love it aunty ......thanks a lot for the lovely gift......( willy )

  3. ajariiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnn.. uda beli mesin jait nih (cieh pamer gitu hihi)

  4. @Sahabat Bumi: thank you Pet :)
    @ChezVies: the other one? *winkwink* thanks mbak...
    @Willy's Mommy: thanks always that you like it :)
    @Ayska's Mommy: serius dirimu mak Ayska? ayo pamerkan dulu itu mesin jahitnya wkwkwkk...

  5. I just found your blog today and I think I'll spend several days over.


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