Saturday, April 23, 2011

Apron for Amanda :)

More and more apron to sew...
This time is for Amanda....dear Vera, mom of Fany and Cindy wanted to give an apron set for Amanda as her fourth birthday gift.  So...smurf smurf smurf...I decided to make different style of apron for her with apple as the applique.  I think it's Fuji Apple, my favorite, not that sandy, with a sweet and little bit sour taste heheheh...Here it apple is still round and yummy, another one is has been cut showing its tiny black seeds.  I think Vera is happy with the result and Amanda's mom said that she's hidden it from her daughter just to keep it from dirt :D ... well's an apron Sista, so in the end it will be dirty because it's its job to do so :)


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