Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Apron :)

This time the apron is for Farah...a cute daughter of my new friend.  From what I know, I've never met Farah, her father is an Italian chef working for a five star hotel here in Mumbai.  Her mother interested with the aprons I made for Tifanny and Cindy.  Well, Farah loves pink like other little princesses :) and she likes strawberry. 

By mistake, I didn't sew the strawberry applique right at the center of the pocket, and it was too tricky if I have to open and redo the stitching.  So, I decided to make a mitten and a potholder as an alternative.  I learned how to make the oven mitten from this blog, visit her site to get a clear and detail explanation :)  Now I have to make also the potholder pairs for Tifanny and Cindy :D ... Check them out :)


  1. tambah kreatif ae udhe rek... jempol 8 wes tak ke'no.
    sing 4 nyilih nggonmu qiqiqiqi....

  2. hahahaha...makasih tante Vera hihihih...okay deh kalo cuman pinjem jempol wkwkwk...kangen nihhhh maaf sok sibuk darling...soon will chat on YM ;)

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