Thursday, January 26, 2012

My first serious quilt :)

I've joined The India Modern Quilt Guild and our first task, the January Challenge is to make a quilt with warm solid colors.  This is my first serious and full of awareness quilt, why I said so? Because I've made several patchwork quilt for my sewing machine cover, a ball or quilt bag, but so far I even didn't know that what I've made is a quilt.  So this time, I prepared and did all the details in making this table runner with full consciousness that it's a quilt :D

I talked to Phiphi and discussed about it so I won't make a mistake in understanding the definition of quilt and it ended up with her sharing a link where I found the tutorial for this table runner.  It's a Greek Square Table Runner with finished size 70-1/2"x25-1/2", too big for me as a newbie but I really enjoyed the process.  For sure, still unable to make so precise with the block, where I have to sew the triangle, but no way that I was about to give up.  I handquilted the blocks and the borders with embroidery floss.  For the backing, since I forgot to buy a plain brown color (see...a real newbie right?) and after the chit chat with Phiphi, I cut 9"x25" of each color and made the backing out of them.  I think it now looks like a reversible table runner :D well, why not?

Am I addicted to it? I guess so...Do I want more? Absolutely...see you on my next posting ;) Happy Crafting girls!


  1. is so beautiful!!!!!wish I could:-)

  2.'s an amazing piece of can be proud of..

  3. it's awesome!!! Very well done, Agnes :D . I told you it's addicted LOL

  4. Congrats on your new addiction! :-)

  5. @Veena: ohh please of course you can do it, your neat embroidery is on my what-I-want-to-learn list :)
    @Nima: Yes, for sure I am so proud of it, even my hubby asked me to keep it for home :), thanks for visiting my blog :)
    @Elvira: hahahah I will blame you for the addiction :D
    @Tina: thank you Maam, I hope there's no medicine to cure the addiction ;)

  6. beautiful piece of art!!ur quilt seriously stolen my heart ...very nice..

  7. Thank you dear Vaheeda...really have to practice a lot to steal your heart again :)

  8. After reading your article, I am very excited, very lucky to meet you, hope you can as soon as possible from the next works! Come on.


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