Friday, January 20, 2012

A Wall-Art to open 2012

Not to late to start blogging again right? Yes, I was out of Mumbai for 2 months, to visit my home country, Indonesia, then there were Christmas and New Year, following with another trip to my husband's hometown in Kerala.  So, it's clear enough to explain why I didn't updating my blog :(

But, I was still doing some small projects in between.  I also joined a sewing class for a month in Surabaya, where my parents are staying in Indonesia.  I was so excited but since I don't have my own sewing machine there :( I just able to learn how to make dress pattern.  I will post the snaps of what I've learned there soon.

Now, let me show you what I've made for my hubby's best friend's little daughter :)  Her name is Alexis, and they call her Lexi.  She's 6 months old, so cute, and cheerful baby.  I made a wall-art for her.  Her mother is an American and father is Indian and they are staying there in Oklahoma.  They came for a month to Kerala to visit Lexi's grandma.  So we flew from Mumbai to Thrissure to meet them.  I bought a cute purple dress for the little Lexi and as an additional gift, I made a wall-art for her.

Yes, it's an elephant, my favorite animal, I chose elephant because it might represent India, an elephant country :)   I drew the elephant which was about to be carried away by four balloons.  There are four balloons with L-E-X-I spelling on each of it.  Her parents said that the wall-art will be great on her nursery room, really hope they'll like it :)

I got a little problem with the binding, it's not so perfect,  so little time to finish the project, hope it's forgiven :(


  1. No, it is never too late, crafting anytime, anywhere, that's me .. well, most of the time actually :) I like the color combo you used and the cute pink elephant carrying 4 ballons, it is so cute!!!
    Happy crafting mbak Agnes, waiting for your next project

  2. thank you mbak Hany! I wish I can be as "sakti" as you heheheh...for sure there will be more crafts this year ;)

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