Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Diwali 2012

Yupe...I joined the DQ Diwali Challenge :)
I drew and planned for making a wall hanging with Diwali Lakhsmi on it...I thought it will be a perfect gift for those who celebrate Diwali, but cancelled due to lack of fabric colors related to that theme :(  And since I am pregnant, I am not that flexible to roam around on auto-rickshaw so I have to forget doing fabric shopping at the market :)

So...I changed the design...well Diwali Diya theme can be a table runner or wall hanging at the same time, and still can be a perfect gift for Diwali celebrator :)  I used half yard Indian fabric that was given by my sewing sponsor long time back, Elvira :D ... I think it's perfect, the fabric, the Diwali, the colors...well here it is...

I think I met all the requirements to join this challenge:

1.Make a quilted item not smaller that 18"x24" and my table runner size is 18"x45"
2.Depict the theme 'Diwali'...there's three diyas :)
3.Quilt by machine, not hand ... the appliques are machine stitched and all are sewn by machine :)
4.Make sure you have participated in AT LEAST one other DQ monthly challenge apart from this one...I did join the previous challenge ;)
5.Post your entry here in this doc AS WELL AS the album (whoever finishes first opens the album)...DONE
6.Post it BEFORE 30th November 2012, 6 PM IST...I post it a day before :)

See you on my next post ;)


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