Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quilt for Tiza

Tiza is my niece, she's 5 y.o...she's a smart little girl, she loves swimming...
For her 5th birthday that was on May 7th, I've made this quilt for her.  But at the same time I've started the quilt, I finally got pregnant, so as you can guess, I just finished the quilt last November :)   At the first trimester, my mood was upside down for sewing so I didn't do any sewing activities.  The second trimester, I got it back and started doing some of sewing challenges and in between tried to finish Tiza's quilt.

Well, the theme of this quilt is of course something related to water activity.  She loves water, she drinks a lot of water too like me, and she does love swimming... So, a girl doing snorkeling with a lighthouse at the beach as the background, and a seabed with some sea creatures are the appliques that I drew and made for her quilt.  I really hope it will inspire her more :)

It's a big challenge for me, the final size is 54"x90" ... But I did enjoy the process of making it :)
Here are more details...

 I love the seagulls hovering near the lighthouse under the bright blue sky and a white cloud.

I imagine soon when Tiza is big enough she will challenge herself to swim or snorkel at the beach or sea :)

That the seabed with a starfish, a crab, some seaweeds, corals, and fishes :)
I just did stitch on the ditch for the quilting, for sure I still unable to tame my simple automatic Singer sewing machine for doing FMQ :(  hope next project I can do that.
This quilt will be sent to Tiza next March, when my mom return to Indonesia after my baby's birth that will be due on 9 February 2013 :)

See you and happy sewing!


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